I want to recount…
Playful. Warm. Real. A moment goes by so fast.
I want to capture it. Preserve it. Exactly as it was. Not only what happened. But what you felt.
A good picture consists of so many pictures. A good picture can be like a whole story.
A good picture lingers on.

Everything comes down to trust. Respect and closeness. Openness and distance. A good picture always evolves in meetings. For over thirty years photography has been my driving force. My lovely camera Leica and I, and numerous of meetings with people. My heart is filled by these meetings.
The most important work occurs before the picture is taken.
This is where your story starts.


We didn’t want to have a normal mainstream photographer. We just felt that all the photos looked the same with the same filter and lightning and they simply did not add any new value to us. Until we met you Kicki. We strongly wanted someone with a unique eye for details and a different artistic expression.

Sophie & Johan, Högberga Gård
We have now received and seen the photos, actually can’t stop looking at them! We like them very much and know it is going to be a challange to choose from all these nice photos. We would like to thank you once again for being our photographer, we felt very happy and relaxed with you and you have captured this happiness very well indeed.
Avine & Michael, Copenhagen
Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. Kicki captures those moments with meaning that ensures they will last forever for us. No longer must dance be the most fleeting of the arts.
Warren & Kristi Boyce, British Open Championship Professional Ballroom, UK
We were really, really excited that you wanted to be our weddingphotographer!
We were tensed up and the rain was pouring down but still you succeeded in shooting some fantastic pictures! In a very professional way you made both of us and our kids “act” naturally in front of the camera! You are a lovely personality and everyone who have met you knows what I mean.
Petronella & Anders, Stockholm