The owner of Körunda Hotel calls me up and asks “are you the skilled photographer that I think you are?” our beautiful chef Heidi will get married this summer, are you free, can you come? I was invited to have lunch at the Hotel with both the owner Lotta and Heidi the chef. I got this idea to photograph Heidi in the kitchen, in the wedding dress, among the pots. Also on the golf course, that it would be fun to do something different.

I went there on the wedding day with my have my old Leica camera, loaded with black and white film. I planned to take some beautiful pictures of Heidi wearing only her veil, as well as in the kitchen and on the golf course. I understood that there could be exhibition quality in those pictures. It was a beautiful wedding and I saw that Lotta was sitting in the back of the church, she looked moved. After the wedding, we took some beautiful portraits in a forest near the Hotel. Lotta delivered Champagne to H&N, we really got some fun pictures. They mingled with family and friends. I took a group picture with Heidi and her friends from the kitchen, they were happy and proud. We placed Heidi on the golf course, Lotta shouted “it’s dangerous here Kicki, now they are shooting from the 9th, ”let’s do it anyway” I shouted and Lotta waved a white towel. I call the picture in the kitchen “Italian cooking”. I ended by asking H&N to dance below me as I climbed onto a balcony.

I received this email from Heidi & Niklas:

Kicki! It’s all magical to see all the photos. It’s like experiencing the day again when all the memories come back. Now we understand what you mean by storytelling. You’ve really managed to catch our whole day. You were a big part of our wedding and we had so much fun with you!
Take care and hope to see you soon again!
Hugs from Heidi & Niklas
Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas Heidi & Niklas