Annette & Filip, Grand hotel Stockholm

January 2017, Annette emailed me and asked if I wanted to photograph her and Filip’s wedding in May. We got to know each other over a coffee a few weeks later, and planned for their wedding. On the wedding day, bride and groom where getting ready in separate suites at the Grand hotel.

Hairdresser and make-up was in place, jewelry purchased at Harry Winston in New York was laying on the bed as well as the bride’s shoes and dress. Expectation was in the air, everything was so well-organized and calm in some way. When Annette’s dad came to pick her up for church, he tok some pictures of his daughter, he was so proud and happy. His private driver drove us to church in a vintage vintage Daimler that was imported from England for the wedding. The father sang “Take me to the church in time” as he checked his pocket watch and we approached Oscar’s church. When Annette & Filip came out from the church after the wedding, there was crowds of curious tourists cheering and taking pictures with mobile phones. We quickly jumped into the car to take us to the place I had chosen for the portrait session, in the meantime, the guests got a tour with a Waxholms boat.

I made sure the bride&groom arrived at the venue on time, and the reception could begin. The dinner took place in the Mirrored hall, which was decorated for a Vip wedding, it was amazing. The weddingcake was grandiose, everything was beautifully staged in a Salon with gold-plated walls. The bridal couple swooned out in their ”first dance” and soon the dance floor was filled with guests. There was a really good band that played and sang and the party probably lasted all night long.


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