Therese emailed me in march 2017 and told me that she got my name from a friend working with weddings in Stockholm, that she lives in London nowadays and does not really know what Stockholm is. I asked for the number of guests, the place for wedding and party, how does the dress look, Takashis outfit, colors of flowers etc, trying to get a feeling of how to work with them.
I was happy to help Therese with tips regarding hair and makeup in Stockholm. When we talked over the phone some days later, she told me that she met Takashi at a Yoga Retreat in Lapland New Year’s Eve a few years ago that they fell in love there and now they have two little girls and a life in London. Takashi told me on his wedding day that when he saw Therese arrive at the London airport with her little suitcase, he thought “there comes my future wife”. We meet at the grand hotel the night before the wedding, their parents and children where also there, it felt good to greet each other and I got a sense of how they are. Takashi told me he is photographing himself and that the pictures are valuable.

The wedding day came with a glorious summer weather, I think Takashi who worried about the weather when we met yesterday must feel safe today. They where very late to church, both me and the priest begin to feel worried, but then they finally came and we could start. As they step out of the church like husband and wife, curious tourists are smiling and cheering, it’s nice to see strangers feeling happy. I tok some portraits of the family in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm blossoms, tourists eating ice cream, the boats are shining outside the Grand hotel, it’s nice to be a part of and the knowledge that I capture their wedding day for the future. Once inside the Grand hotel Therese is breast feeding her little daughter and I shoot to make sure that she can see the beauty of it. Family members are holding speeches to the bride and groom, Takashi held a beautiful speech to Therese, and then they danced and played with the children. There where a magician with colorful balloons, and they all enjoyed a typical French dessert-a Croquembouche. When the wedding cake is rolled in, the kids cheers, I see that the veil is broken, Therese has danced with the children so they became quite wild, a trashed veil, such a nice end to their wedding story.

Have just looked at the pictures quickly, got sick and lying in bed, but Takashi has looked more and says they are amazing.