We met at Högberga when I was invited by the Hotel to present my photographs. S&J said “we didn’t really intend to have any photographer, saw no difference – but then you stood there. We didn’t know it could be that way, the emotions, the colors ”. A few weeks after our meeting, Sophie calls and says that she is thinking about doing boudoir photography. Johan had fallen in love with my photograph ”Rebecka” hanging in the China room permanently (The painting was bought by the owner when I had my exhibition there). Johan said to Sophie “that is not your thing”? and she took that as a challenge. Sophie told me “I’m not slim” do you think you can do something with me?

I decided to photograph her at Häringe, I feel at home thereafter former owner Jenny Baker hired me for various assignments, both private and for the hotel. Sophie arrived at the photo shoot with her friend who was a driver and also became my assistant. I got the pictures I wanted indoors, and I wanted to take her out to the pool area, I placed her on a stone table below the terrace. That image then became a Fine Art Print, framed with a heavy black wood frame and reflex-free art glass.

The wedding: I smuggled the framed print and album into the suit. Sophie´s hair and makeup was done by her friend. Johan was assisted by his brother who is a pilot living in the United States and who flew in for the wedding. Portraits would be taken a moment before the wedding, then it was time for the outdoor ceremony. At dusk, I sneaked into the beautifully-lit dining room, which was decorated with colorful balloons and flowers. The day after the wedding I received a message “I have a very very satisfied man here” she attached a picture of Johan next to the framed photograph.

Review Boudoir: WOW my god the pictures are really super cool. Sitting here and watching and loving ALL images :) OMG I am really looking good. I can’t believe that’s me! So fun to relive this moment that was a real ego boost and just what I needed without knowing it. Thanks for everything ❤️


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