Anna and Mike from London contacted me one year ago as they where looking for a wedding photographer. They got me recommended from a palace in Stockholm. We met at the venue Görvälns slott a couple of months ago, to have a coffee and get to know each other. Anna told me that she’s an artist herself, she paints, and that it’s important for her and Mike to have warm, personal and artistic photographs. She told me that they looked through my website and felt comfortable with my style.

I arrived last Saturday October 7th to Görvälns slott in heavy rain. I always try to arrive in good time before the shooting starts, now I had time to get to know the place and take some test shots, I also made sure that the chandeliers in the room were lit. Because of the weather I decided to stay inside and work in the green room, that I also knew Anna is very fond of. My leica camera and vintage lens really suited the curtain kind of mood I wanted to capture. I wanted images that have that elusive quality known as character, that only old lenses capture.

Mike told me that he’s very shy, so I told him it’s okay, be shy. They were a very cool, warmhearted couple from the streets of London.

They had opted for the shorter wedding session so I had one minute, then they were greeted by family and friends. We took some extra portraits before dinner, as they sat down to have dinner I got off and went home.

The day after the wedding I sent them a few images from the wedding, they reacted like this,

“ALLTSÅ HERREGUD. Vilken stjärna du är! Du är helt fantastisk. Du förstod oss, läste oss, respekterade oss och levererade med sådan otrolig elegans. Jag är så otroligt lycklig att vi fick stå framför kameran för dig. Complete perfection.”

If you like Anna’s dress, I can inform that it’s an English designer, Self Portrait UK, also Mike was very cool in his vintage suit. Anna did her own makeup, the hair was made by Moa at Tottes hair.