This is Anna & Patrik, yesterday we met for the first time at my favorite Hotel Rival Mariatorget. I love the colors of the lounge and I wanted to take a picture of the bridal couple in the crisp spring light. I got to hear all about their wedding plans, about the festivities that will last for three days at beautiful Blommenhof in Nyköping May 23, 2020. They have invited more than 150 guests, it will be a gorgeous outdoor wedding with beautiful flower decorations and live music. Anna’s aunt will perform the wedding ceremony and the father will lead Anna to the altar where Patrik will be waiting. The bridal party consists of 16 close friends. We will be three photographers including a videographer to cover it all. I love that they value photography and memories so much. I got to see a picture of the wedding dresses, adorable ones, and the bridesmaids dresses from New York. The color theme goes in purple and silver, so beautiful. I will also bring my Leica and some rolls of film; we have decided to end the wedding weekend with some intimate black and white photos in their suite early in the Sunday morning.

More to follow..