I arrived early and captured the ghost of Rånäs castle..

Jennifer and Maria don’t see each other so often because of a stressful life in NYC so they tok the chance to get dressed together.

While their 90 guests where waiting to go down to the lake for the ceremony, we run to my car.

I tok them to an old ruin nearby for some portraits. Crazy fun and I got beautiful and cool pictures, love the pale graffiti.

Ray Cooper, AKA Chopper (touring with Elton John) friend of the girls, played the bridal marsch that he composed for J&M, so beautiful.

I love that the girls allowed me to play with them, we had a lovely moment together during the mingle, I mean just look at the pictures..

There where guests from Sweden and US, so much love and joy through out the day and night.

I got to bed after midnight, totally happy and content.

Here is a sneak peek from their wedding, enjoy.