I have exhibited my art photographs at Hotel KarlabyKro in 2017, the exhibition was taken down January 10, 2018.

It has been an amazing year, the owners Sophie & Per Boner bought themselves 7 works of art 100x140cm mounted with art glass and beautiful black wooden frames.

They will hang permanently at the hotel, I’m so happy and grateful.

A few of the photographs were sold to private art buyers in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

One of my returning customers in New York will ship 3 new motiv this spring, format – 200cm x 140cm.

The photos are printed as Fine Art on cotton-based paper, wonderful quality. They are mounted in white wooden frames and art glass.

My husband who is a carpenter is building a wooden crate to protect the artwork while shipping to Connecticut.

Troy fine art in CT then manages the hanging of the photographs.

I am so looking forward to photos from the buyer showing the photos in place.

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The crate