Last Wednesday my niece and I drove all the way down to the most southern part of Sweden, to the beautiful luxurious hotell Karlaby Kro where we spent Easter with our wonderful hosts Sofie and Per. Our first evening was spent relaxing in the hotells spa and with some delicious lokal delicacies. Thursday was spent preparing and hanging up my 32 photos for the exhibition that we opened on Friday. It was great to see the stone walls getting color with all the different motives that can be found the exhibition.

As we where setting up everything and the last pictures got hung, Sofie came over and commented on the dining room got its new name ”The Scary Room”. The green walls paired with the crime scene photo, the mysterious picture of the beautiful Appaloosa horse and more just gave it this incredible feeling.

The exhibition will be up until the 31st of August so head on down and take a look around and maybe you’ll find something you like?