Erik & Oskar invited their closest friends from Sidney Australia to the wedding in Stockholm.

Their wedding story will be published in the upcoming issue of The Wedding Guide.

-“When did you decide to marry?

In June 2016, we went to Zakynthos, where we had rented a private villa with Erik’s parents. We had talked for a long time about getting married and we probably always knew it would happen. But how, where and when we had not said. Oskar knew he wanted to free Erik, and tried to gather courage several times during the journey. In the end, there was a spontaneous courtship from Oskar one wonderful sunny afternoon when we were alone in the pool. Oskar asked the question and Erik answered “Of course I want”.

As soon as we got back to Sydney we bought two platinum rings from Tiffany, which we then engraved with our wedding date and each other’s name for the wedding itself.

-How did you plan for the wedding?
Originally, we wanted to get married in Australia, because that’s where we built a common life together. But when same-sex marriage was still illegal, we decided to invite our Australian friends to Sweden instead.

Planning a wedding from the other side of the globe, with time difference and everything else it entails, was not easy. Fortunately, we had parents who were happy to help with the planning (and the testing of the menu). Hotel director Lars Aggestedt at Krägga Herrgård was also absolutely fantastic and helped us to keep up with all the threads. He recommended everything from DJs and lighting, to flowers and photographer.

Read more in the next issue of Bröllopsguiden about their amazing wedding weekend and find out lots of great tips.