The wedding day August 4th 2018 came with heavy rain. While I was driving to the castle I wondered if we would be able to follow the plan with an outdoor ceremony, but the plan hold and it was almost magical. During the short wedding ceremony outdoor the sun came back, water drops in the grass glimmered like diamonds.

I saw the wonderful light in one of the saloons during the dinner, so I said to them “you can eat together the rest of your life, now come lay all your love on me” and they followed me merrily. I placed them laying comfortable on the sofa and peeked at them to get an papparazzi feeling.

The dawn came and by that all the beautiful colors came and the lovely light from the lightened chandeliers. The bride’s fabulous shoes shimmered in the light, a pair of Manolo Blahnik bought already a year ago.

After an unforgettable day I went to my own little room. The next day I woke up to shining sunlight and had breakfast before it was time to kiss, hug and wave goodbye to the lovely wedding couple and their guests.


Thank you Madelene & Mattias!