S contacted me a while ago, she wanted to book a photo shoot for sensual portraits, as a gift to her husband. They hired me a number of years ago when they got married, so young, just turned 18, fantastic, the trust. They then told that they had problems finding a priest who wanted to marry them because of their young age. Well a few years have passed and I was happy when she returned for a new photo shoot. It’s always fun when customers return, following their lives and living.

We shot at Häringe a few weeks ago, she said I could do what I wanted. Her sister was there to fix hair and makeup, she also got to assist me. Right now I focus most on the pictures where the girls are together, relaxed feeling, the feeling I am aiming for when I shoot, whether it is a wedding or even art.

Define art? does not matter what tool you work with, clay, oil, photography, you want and need to express yourself and I am very fond of portraying people.

S said that I can show which pictures I want, grateful but careful to publish nude, trust is important.