Sometimes I feel a need to go back to the hard drives and look for new pictures. I know there are treasures just waiting to come out after a few years. Pictures need time, patience, like a fine wine that only gets better after storage, just the way I feel about my photographs. I realized that I rarely show what happens behind the scenes. My customers will see the pictures of course, but I cannot possibly show everything here on the blog. I have now set the intention to present some new assignments this spring, to take the time to blog more. I also often think of all the fantastic people I meet, who make sure that it actually becomes a nice wedding party. Florists, make-up artists and hairdressers, the coordinators (Jill Gordon), the musicians, the staff and more. Everyone is equally important and together we build something amazing. When I am away once, my pictures remain with all those I have had the pleasure of getting in front of the camera.

Here are some pictures from Jenny & Jonathan Baker’s wedding. They married at Jenny’s Hotel The Maidstone in New York, East Hampton. The official wedding photos have been on the blog before, but here is a little different selection from their three-day wedding party. Dinner on the beach one evening, late lunch that went into dinner at the Wölfer estate, and then the wedding day. The good-looking blonde who pops up a bit here and there is my niece Sylvia who is also my fantastic assistant.