What is your company’s image? What does it tell? What visions and thoughts did the one who once founded the company have? Where did your journey start? How did one want to be perceived? What did the story look like? And where do you stand today?
Each brand shall serve as a story. Everything you do in the company sends signals about who you are and what you sell. What differentiates you from your competitors? Why should I choose you? Who are you?
Everything begins with the image of your company.
I call myself a storytelling photographer. After nearly 40 years in the profession, I am still as curious as that blonde 14-year-old girl once was. The girl who wanted to capture the world in her camera lens. I want to tell stories with my pictures. A feeling, a scent, a moment we might otherwise simply rush past. It requires patience and commitment.

I put a whole lot of heart and gut feeling in my work. The technique comes naturally after all these years. Simple decorating photos are not for me. There are such a big amount of people out there taking those. I want to reach a profound level and find something more genuine and real. The things that says something deeper about you.
I started my professional career as a photographer at the Institute of Forensic Investigations (CSI in Sweden). There, I began to grow an eye for details. For accuracy. I want to understand your vision. What are your thoughts? What ambitions do you have? Which colors do you use? What I am seeking is the company’s soul. It is the real and genuine that works. That’s where communication lies.
Should we go on a journey together? Build the story of your company using my photographs? A small mosaic of my pictures can be found on my website.
Contact me for a chat and a quote. Let us start the journey there.


I was offered by Skansen’s management to do a photo shoot inside Julius Kronberg’s Studio. Only ABBA was allowed to shoot there earlier.
I instantly fell in love when I visited the studio. His painting called “EROS” became my inspiration. Read more […]


A few years ago I photographed Lisa in the Royal Stable. Now she needed pictures for her own marketing. We met at a Cafe and I interviewed her a little bit about her needs. I think it’s very interesting to portray strong personalities. Read more […]


Thomas Nagel, owner of the hotel, asked if I could photograph their new hotel rooms which have been given 4 different themes. I like these assignments a lot, to work with skills such as lighting, camera technology, portraiture and color and shape. They also needed … Read more […]


I had breakfast in bed one Sunday and read in the paper that the Biological Museum, built in 1893 at Djurgården, would close, that there were invaluable original paintings by Bruno Liljefors in the exhibition. Read more […]


Conny Ryk CEO SORTERA, is a returning client who hired me for several years now, I have delivered photographs for their visual communication. In May 2017 Conny Ryk asks me to photograph a new stand for bags to be launched in construction shops. Read more […]


I have been training with Lisa for a few years now, and when she asked me if I wanted to help her with photos to her website, I was happy to help. Lisa and her colleagues offer everything from advanced to calm medical yoga, healing, therapy and massage. Read more […]


Niklas Wellbäck, taylor and stylist, needed to get a Russian court dress documented and asked me if I could help him to photograph it. I am very fond of his creations so I said yes. Read more […]


Small luxury hotel KarlabyKro in Österlen. ¨She tells me that she and her husband Pär Bonér remembers me from when I visited The Maidstone in East Hampton New York 2012, they ran the small luxury hotel there. Read more […]


Christian Zeuchner, the Investment Director for Fourier Transform, contacted me in 2009 as he wanted a series of portraits of his pregnant wife. I photographed the soon to be parents at their Östermalm flat. […]


2010 I got an invite to Care of Hotels headofficecs for a meeting with Jenny Baker, formerly Ljungberg, who was in the need of stock photos for promotional purposes to be used for Häringe Slotts’s website and publications […]


My work also includes marketing companies using my photographs, both national and international. An interesting and fun assignment I got to do is a presentation for the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi […]


Tanja Askrabic, Marketing Manager at Högberga Gård, contacted me in 2012. They had just renovated their conference section and wanted me to document this as well as other hotel rooms and suites. […]


Leaseplan Norway hired me to photograph a big event at Häringe Palace in 2016. Härringe Palace recommended me to their travelagent in Norway: Quest Travel. The photographs are now used for internal use. […]


Every year I go to the Grand Hotel’s wedding fair and this is where I met Pererik Berggren, founder and owner of Letui, who manufactures and sells exclusive rings and jewelry. He saw my photographs of jewelry and liked my work.


2015 I was contacted by a former client, Kajsa Almgren. She is the branding manager for AIX, a company that is one of the largest Architect companies in Sweden. […]


In 2013 I was contacted by Elisabeth Henry (Human Resources Europe at P&G). She found me when she and her husband to be attended the wedding exhibition at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. […]


It’s funny how things turn out in my business, in 2014 Samira Lundqvist contacted me for her wedding. Later that same year I was contacted again by her but this time she asked me if I was interested of helping PACTA the company she works for with their new branding? […]


I have photographed weddings at Rånäs Castle for a few years. Pernilla Åkerberg, Wedding Coordinator at Rånäs Slott, contacted me for a private portrait photoshoot. My stylist and I got free hands to create playful, sensual photographs. […]


Everything is connected in life. I met Conny & Helena Ryk in 2012 when they hired me to photograph their wedding at Yxtaholm Castle, a three-day fairy tale wedding. Conny contacted me again in 2014, he wanted to hire me to strengthen his brand Sortera. […]


Kicki’s images help strengthen Pacta’s brand by showing what the employer organization stands for.

Eva, Employers’ Union Pacta

Guests will feel warmly welcomed already on the website with the help of personal and professional photos, which Kicki is good at creating.

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