Every year I go to the Grand Hotel’s wedding fair and this is where I met Pererik Berggren, founder and owner of Letui, who manufactures and sells exclusive rings and jewelry. He saw my photographs of jewelry and liked my work.  I told him that I have studied lighting technology for advertising and commercial photography in Basel / Switzerland, via a scholarship from SKL (State Forensic Laboratory). Pererik Berggren hired me shortly thereafter to photograph his most exclusive rings and jewelry.

A week’s photography in the studio resulted in pictures for Pererik’s new website. I also photographed some brilliant rings on the pack ice, at my cabin by the Bothnian Sea. Per-Erik says: “The photographs visualize my vision, today I use them in our marketing to reach out to new and recurring customers, on the web, for advertisment and printed matter.”

letui letui  letui letui