Winter weddings are special, the cold and few hours of sunshine are challenging, but if you’re lucky and the snow falls, it can be magically beautiful. The day before Johanna & Gustav got married, I did environment and lighting at beautiful Högberga Gård. There are two  black kites at the back of the hotel and this particular weekend the snow fell profusely. I asked the staff to leave the snow until tomorrow, where I thought I would take a beautiful classic portrait of the bride and groom.

I received an email three weeks before the wedding: “We have heard so much good things about you and experienced it yourself, namely you were a photographer at one of my closest friends’ weddings, at Högberga farm in particular, in 2014. Now me and my future husband Gustav Aspegren out at extremely short notice, we are getting married and christening our daughter in less than 3 weeks – March 11th at Lidingö church followed by dinner at höberga farm.However, I would like to know if it would be possible for you to be available for attending our wedding for a couple of hours to document the day?Your photos, from what I’ve seen, are so beautiful and you really have the skill for capturing the mood and emotion!


After the photo delivery: “So WOW – thank you so much. LOVELY! Thank you so much for everything you captured on our day. So hugely meaningful, playful and beautiful! ” See you soon! Hugs, Johanna & Gustav