Nina Hammarström has been my PT  for some years, she keeps me strong and healthy. Today we met at Stormbacken Stables where she has her horses. She hires me for pictures for her new website, AthletEQ

The owner of the stable, Agneta, rented the riding house for photography, I am so grateful for her help. When we started planning for the photography, I suggested that we use the stable and the riding house as a photo spot because training and horses are Nina’s life. That the environment in itself feels natural. The beautiful horses name is Felix, Carramarc C, Carramarc on instagram. When I explained to Nina where I wanted Felix to be positioned in the riding house, she placed him and there he stood, so calm, impressive.

Nina said “help I don’t know what to do, how should I act”? I answered I will direct you, trust me. I made sure to torment her a little extra “don’t make grimaces, be beautiful-hold hold” .. haha Nina ​​answered is it “pay back time now”.

When she started working with kettlebells, Felix couldn’t stay any longer, he strolled over to us, see how great connected they are. We finished the photo shoot with Nina riding “naked” and we laughed when Felix discovered Nina’s foot, he tok a bite..