Anna & Patrik had invited just over 140 guests to the wedding at Blommenhof in the spring of 2020. I was hired for three days of photography, but everything was put on hold even a year ago when Covid hit us so hard. They decided to move the wedding to Christ’s Ascension weekend 2022 instead. But as they say, nothing bad that has nothing good with it. They managed to make a child in the meantime, so there will be another guest at the wedding. The other day we met at Häringe Castle, they wanted to stop the time, to document this moment in their lives. I had the great pleasure of coming in with cameras in the original Sea Wing, which I am very fond of. I move around as a child in the castle after being hired a few times by the previous owner, grateful for the cooperation with Häringe. Anna brought lots of dresses and underwear in beautiful colors and models, but I was only interested in her body, the shapes, and the soft winter light that was filtered so beautifully through the hundreds of years old window glass. I said “I want you to lie naked on the table, does it feel ok? I do what you want” said Anna. Patrik assisted me. Sara Ollinen hair and makeup from Dashl contributed with glamor, she asked what I wanted with the hair “I am thinking Hollywood” thought she was worth a little glamor. She has recently been for 15 days in the intensive care unit with Covid so this full day experience hopefully did a little good. I wanted to end the shoot with a photograph of Anna’s body together with the stone statues in the garden. They have a scary facial expression,  I think its a nice contrast to the living body, to life. The couple are generous, I get to show which pictures I want, here are some of our favorites right now.