I have been following Linnea & Lowisa with the camera for a few years now, and at the end of each summer I usually use my imagination to sketch out a picture, just for fun, not for commercial or exhibition purposes. Last summer I walked past a white, slightly kitschy garden piece of furniture that stood on the neighboring plot. It triggered thoughts about the artificial fine life, about white hats in the evening light, I thought it would look fantastic if the furniture was out in the sea. I saw naked bodies and black mustaches, maybe they could paint each other with charcoal from the fire? No clothes, just hats and the open sea with Finland on the other side.

Their grandmother lent fine china and their mother baked muffins. My husband Janne and the girls’ father carried furniture and girls, Camilla was kind and took a picture of me “in action. It was a wonderful evening, as Linnea said” such a nice memory for life “.

Now that I finally have time to go through negatives and hard drives (thanks Covid ..) I can find the gold nuggets. It takes so much energy to first look at all the pictures, then the work of going back and choosing and editing. Linnea said today when I showed some “these pictures will probably be new favorites”.

I used my vintage leica and old film, beautiful.