The other day I visited Richard’s studio in Södermalm. When I stepped in a lot of memories came over me. When I was growing up, my mother worked as a ceramics teacher at Medborgarskolan and sometimes I got to come along and drink tea with her pupils”. I eventually learned to work with clay myself, and in my basement, tools are waiting for me to have time again. Richard makes amazing creations, I was strongly influenced. Moved gently among the sculptures not to touch anything. I was struck by the beauty and strength of his sculptures.  Now he is soon on his way to the Czech Republic, are you crazy, I said, they are hardest hit by Covid-19 in all of Europe. “I must he answered,” will fly with both a face mask and a shield. I have to check the work with a larger sculpture to be installed in a square.

He asked if I wanted coffee, we shared a sandwich. Richard said “it was nice that you came, to talk about life and art”. He said “next time you come you get to photograph color, everything will be glazed in January before the next exhibition.