August 31, 2019 Eva & Patrick celebrated their birthdays 80 years together with a smashing party at Färgfabriken in Stockholm.

Eva emailed and told me that she found me on instagram, that she liked my pictures, she wondered if I could come to the Färgfabriken where she and her husband Patrik would have a big party to celebrate them celebrating 80 years together. They had invited 200 of their best friends, 150 guests would fly in from Helsinki. The guests were not told where the party was going to be, only that they would step on 2 archipelago boats that departed outside the Hotel Diplomat at 17.00.

Eva told them that they wanted to give their guests a different experience, she told them that their friends were used to big parties and when she found the color factory Färgfabriken she felt that the cool environment with graffiti would be a nice contrast to all tuxedos.

I asked my two assistants Cissi and Jenni to take pictures of each boat, to capture events, the guests, champagne and cuts.
I myself portrayed the family during the paint factory.

I landed an hour early, which I usually do, I want to see the environments and catch health on staff-know how I can work, land calmly.

I started by looking for a place for the family portrait, the wall that I had thought and heard about was now covered by a scaffold, so I decided to use a gate to the industrial area instead.
There were also wishes to get a group picture of all 200 guests, so I needed to find a high camera position, the crux was that the guests were standing on the courtyard, and I wanted to include an old building with broken windows in the background, so I was looking up in the art hall and could open a window. I understood that if I dared to step out of the plate outside the window, I would have a fairly free position.

The family came and we greeted and hugged each other. I brought all four to the place I had been looking for family portraits.
When we were done, the family got ready to meet the guests and Isak & The Soul Company who played the guests all the way from the boats to the Color Factory. When everyone had got something in the glass, I ran up the stairs at the top of the building, opened the window and shouted Hello hello hello – we are going to take a group picture, toast with me!
And now you are welcome up to dinner (had we agreed that I would call as a closing) as nice and fun it was.

As the darkness settled, it shone with gold colored light in the great hall, which was filled with flickering candles from candelabras.
I enjoyed as I sneaked around with the camera, looking for motifs among guests who ate and drank. The band went on stage at midnight and I got some nice pictures of guests and bands before it was time to go home.