I had breakfast in bed one Sunday and read in the paper that the Biological Museum, built in 1893 at Djurgården, would close, that there were invaluable original paintings by Bruno Liljefors in the exhibition. I became very curious and went there the same day. I was inspired by the museum and the exhibition. Something in me was triggered by the stuffed animals, it was both terrible and beautiful, like a dark fairy tale. I began to imagine what I could do in there. I got in touch with the museum manager, and after some meetings I was given the opportunity to enter the exhibition itself to do a photo session. However, I was advised to move extremely carefully into the exhibition, each step raises knee high with dust and arsenic residues.
So I bought boots, protective suits and mouth protection.

I decided to hire Julia Ghalandari who had been a model for me earlier, my friend Niklas Wellbäck brought out a fitting dress and shoes, he was responsible for styling. Makeup artist Olle Johansson got free hands with hair and makeup, Kurt Ribbhagen delivered contemporary authentic jewelry in red coral.

We arrived at the museum one afternoon after closing, Julia was styled and dressed and the jewelry arrived. When I went in with Julia in the exhibition something happened emotionally, I felt afraid and could not photograph, did not know what I would do, it was like i froze. Behind my back on the other side of the glass stood the museum manager, assistants, the whole team, Julia was unprotected, she had been informed of the risk to the environment, but still stood unprotected in front of me.

I thought I had to start photographing, and when I made some exposures, I released the anxiety and I could take the pictures that I desired. Here is a part of the result, and now I’m looking forward to exhibit my photos. Svensson & Persson at Östermalm hired one of the photographs autumn 2017.
Dark fairy tale no.1 100×140 cm, Fine Art print on cotton-based paper.

Some of the motives will be in my shop with art photographs, contact me for more info.