“Horse on snow” and “Kimono” are sold to a returning customer in New York.

They contacted me when they bought a new house in Lake Tahoe last year, and they have previously purchased 5 photographs for their home in Connecticut.

The company that assembled the photographs in the lake Tahoe house wrote:

“Yes !! We love your work !! Thank you so much it made the house even more special :))

I just received a new request from my client:

“Do you have any new photos ..

In black and white that will look great large (2×3 meters) and 1×2 meters. Building a new modern house. Will need some new art next spring .. “. So at the moment I’m creating a new collection for them to pick out new photographs.

Exhibiting in New York next year, so I’m also taking new photos with that in mind. Opens July 2022, hangs until May 2023 at The Maidstone hotel East Hampton.