“Hi Kicki,
We are two couples to be wed at Rånäs Castle on Saturday 23/11.
Do you possibly have time to come and take some nice pictures of us? :) ”

Of course I wanted to come, double wedding is unusual and exciting, but, I thought, who are they, what do they look like, what do they expect?

I arrived at Rånäs castle an hour before the appointed time, usually do so, land softly and feel the light etc. Even though I know the staff and environments, all occasions are unique, equally important.

I asked Linda at the reception to call up to the suite where the bridal couple´s where, we decided to meet in the lounges up stairs at twelve o’clock sharp. It was terribly dark outside even though it was only morning, so I decided to mainly use the environments indoors. When the light is not reflected from below you get dark shadows under the eye´s which is not very flattering..but we still played a few minutes in front of the castle as a finish. Sara & Christian, such a handsome couple, had their daughter Olivia with them, she was lovely in her pretty dress and glittery sandals. Mari & Johan were easy going and a bit giggly to.

Sara said that they wanted pictures that feels natural, of course I said, but pretty much all the pictures you have seen on my wedding page are super styled, with the intention of feeling natural. I create opportunities and build scenes, in this way I am entertaining myself- and it makes it easy for the client´s to follow my ideas.

I asked Olivia to change place with a vase high up on the fire place, I thought she would shine like gold in the light from the lamp. The couple´s had a nice time in the bar, I “threw” Mari & Johan in a sofa, placed Sara & Christian next to a mirror. We ran out, now they were relaxed and they were actually playing themselves, Christian lifted Olivia up on his shoulders but after a while she started to shake with cold so we got into the castle again.

Sara said when I finished the photo shoot “You are so professional” it feels so relaxed, unexpectedly fun. Thank you I said, so nice to hear, then we are all happy with the day.