Dreamy weekend … with company of the castles ghosts… Rånäs Castle have invited me to a relaxing weekend. I have spent time with myself Friday-Sunday-so cozy. Luckily I had my little leica camera with me, it had been torture not to be able to catch some of the nice moments I had to experience. I drove up to Norrtälje through a beautiful landscape and checked into a red room overlooking the castle garden. On the bed was a nice greeting and gift, so grateful. I have been to the castle Spa,, the sauna and a dip in Skedviken. Afternoon Tea with Rånäs Castle’s own Champagne, yummy. Yesterday, I decided to join the Castle Walk with the guide Helene, it was great fun with, among other things, tasting of Rånä’s own “snaps” and much laughter. Enjoyed lovely dinners in a beautiful castle setting, and have finally had time to read my book, so luxurious, in the middle of the day in the sun, and in the evening at the bar, Bartender Joakim emailed such a nice picture as memory. This morning in the kitchen, Helene asked if I slept well? not really-something worried me, woke up several times with a feeling of being observed. Helena replied that ghosts is haunting the castle, that she also had “visits during the night..