A dream come true!

I am invited to exhibit at The Maidstone Hotel, East Hampton New York.

”An eye for an eye” photo exhibition will run from July of 2022 through May 2023. 
16 pieces will be on display at the Maidstone hotel for a year. All for sale in 4 different sizes through the hotel.

About me:

Kristin Andersson (b. 1960) is a Swedish photographer that made a name for herself for being at the same time documentary and realistic while keeping an eye for the particulate and divergent. She brings both forensic work and archaeology into her pictures. “My fascination for minuteness is always present”, she has said, “a love for excavations: I want to repeat that detail in my pictures. Like an archaeologist that uncovers an ancient artifact with the brush”. Her own battle also comes from this obsession with detail. For many years Mrs. Andersson worked as a crime scene forensic photographer for the Stockholm police. Those were dark years, she recalls. Horrid motifs, evil. She had to get out to survive. But the fascination with the unusual is there whatever the genre: fashion, portrait, nature, often an enhanced form of photojournalism. In one of her pictures a murder takes place in the setting of a beautiful garden, victim, and culprit both perfect people. Like the serpent in Paradise. She prefers to work with Leica, Kodak Tri-X and traditional photo paper. This is the first time she exhibits in North America.
 ”Text Jens Odlander ”
All photos included in the exhibition: Limited edition, Pigment Print Fine Art. Certified original, signed by me. 
Available for purchase in different sizes: 30x40cm: 650USD | 40x60cm: 890USD | 70x100cm: 1420USD | 100x140cm: 2845USD
”Self portrait”
”Rebecca and Mrs. Danvers”
”Before showtime”
”The judge or the law west of pecos”
”Royal, Angel”
”The gift”
”Watch your step”
”The shipowner’s  daughter”
”Jobie november rain”
”Game Set Match”
”I’m soon fifty”


Hotel Berchielli, Florence, 2016.