I arrived to Rånäs slott early in the morning. After a light lunch i headed to the brides suite. Hair and makeup were in place and there was a feeling of anticipation in the air. The suite was filled with pretty dresses and shoes, beautiful women and champagne. The grooms preparation should also be documented, one groom laughed while playing with an antique gun, another calmed his nerves with whiskey, another one practicing on a bow tie with trembling hands. I tok a picture of myself and the guys in a mirror as we talked about my cameras, analogue versus digital, among other things, it was a nice moment.

Once back with the girls it was time for the bride to get dressed. I picked up my leica camera and explained that I didn’t want anyone to go in front of me, its a tricky moment and also important to make absolutely clear what you want to achieve as a photographer. Madelene was in a hurry to meet Mattias but I asked her to stay with me in the suite for a minute, I wanted to capture her in the mirror, to give her a glimpse of what I saw in that moment. As she walked down the castle staircase she looked amazing, and I got some beautiful photos.

M & M met on a small bridge next to the wedding venue and I was looking forward to capture that moment. The wedding ceremony was as short as a breeze and adorned with beautiful song of one of the bridesmaids. M & M said YES and everyone was throwing rose petals as they walked towards the castle. Up until now the weather had been ok, but when the bride and groom entered the terass for the cocktail hour, the sky opened up and the rain was pouring down. As soon as it stopped raining, the sun rays turned the bushes into sparkling works of art and I said to M&M; come with me, lets play, I want to take some portraits before dinner. During the dinner I captured precious speeches, laughter and tears, the cake was cut and soon they swooned out in their first dance. After a good night’s sleep and warm hugs, I went home to Stockholm with beautiful pictures.

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