Friday’s tragedy shook me and my city, something that has awaken thoughts in my mind but I also think in everyone’s minds.
Saturday evening I told my husband that I wanted to go into the city to see the powerful flower wall, I wanted to see it and capture it while no one else was there. So early Sunday morning before the sun had risen my husband, my camera and I headed into the city to go to the place where the tragedy had struck, a place where the beautiful flower wall had risen.
The street was completely empty as the city was still asleep. It was something I wanted to capture in the beautiful light of the rising sun. When I was there the photographer in me kicked in, I looked at everything in the thoughts of getting a good shot and focusing on what settings to use and so on. But I did take a moment to look at all the heartwarming notes people had left among the flowers and candles.
It wasn’t until I came home that morning that I started to reflect and realize what I’d seen. And today as I sat down with Melissa to discuss the weekends events I realized that me going in to focus mode while at the scene, might have been because of my background as a crime scene photographer.
There was a man who walked around and made sure all the candles where lit.
My husband reading all the powerful messages on the temporary wall