Autumn 2016 I got an email from Anna living in London, she writes that she will  get married October 7, 2017, can I come? They got my contact from a castle in Stockholm. Anna is an artist, Mike works with web design and they have fallen in love with my pictures. Anna mailed “I have been an artist before and of course (as all brides) I have high demands on the memories we will bring with us from the wedding. That’s why the photographer is an important part of it all. I would like to mix a traditional wedding photo with artwork, it would make it all the more interesting. ”

We met at Görväln Castle one week before the wedding to get to know each other. They are an elegant couple and very much in love, saying they want images that can be regarded as art. They show me a mood board with favorite pictures, there are my pictures along with Annie Leibowitz. I arrive at the castle an hour in advance on the wedding day, choose environments and make sure that candles are burning in candelabra, I’m ready when the bride arrives with happy enticing and nervous laughter. It’s Mike who’s a little nervous, I’m saying it’s just fine and that I’m there to catch the feeling. After some time shooting portraits of the couple, I look at the clock and say that now is the time for ceremony, but Anna says: The wedding can wait a little, important to get the pictures you need, she asks-am I satisfied? I answer I want you to lay down on the floor, i have this feeling… Anna answers I love it, do what you want the wedding can wait. The shoes: Anna has bought beautiful shoes but they are not comfortable, so she says, fuck em, I will get married barefoot, this is so much Anna I think. The wedding was held in one of the salons, I had decided to shoot through the mirror to get a soft intimate feeling. The wedding couple was greeted after the wedding by the closest friends and family members. They had champagne, the rain smattered against the windows, soft happy voices in the lounge.

After the wedding, Anna & Mike wrote to me: OMG. What a star you are! You are absolutely amazing. You understood us, read us, respected us and delivered with such incredible elegance. I am so incredibly happy that we were standing in front of the camera for you. Complete perfection. Big hugs, Anna & Mike

Later: Me and Michael hired Kicki for our wedding in October 2017. We heard about her from a castle in Stockholm, saying she’s a brilliant photographer. Kicki’s performance was beyond our expectations. Very professional, easy going and she calms your nerves on a very important day. Kicki has a brilliant aura about her and a creative style that clicked with us. She’s brilliant both in Swedish and English, art goes beyond languages. The outcome was nothing but perfection, a big collection of brilliant and playful photographs. – Anna Rath Foley

And even later: Mike and I met in England through a couple of friends and fell in love straight away. We knew we were meant for each other so Mike moved to Sweden and we got married exactly 2 years after we met. Our wedding day was amazing, full of glamour and luxury – in a stripped way. We focused on quality and chose to have a wedding with few guests. It was the best day of our lives and we are so happy to remember it with Kicki’s beautiful photographs!