I was offered by Skansen’s management to do a photo shoot inside Julius Kronberg’s Studio. Only ABBA was allowed to shoot there earlier. I instantly fell in love when I visited the studio. His painting called “EROS” became my inspiration. The studio was purchased after Julius’ death by Countess von Hallwyl, she made sure it was moved from Norra Djurgården to Skansen. Julius Kronberg portrayed, among others, the family members of Hallwyl and was chosen to do the artistic decoration in the palace.

On the photo day, a guide came and unlocked the studio, she opened the heavy drapes and let in light. I had to work fast in the last daylight. I photographed with my leica camera and film because I understood that it could become material for a future exhibition. The photographs became just as magical as I had hoped for and are now part of my exhibition, which hangs until December 2019 at the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden.

Kronbergs studio Kronbergs studio Kronbergs studio Kronbergs studio Kronbergs studio