I have a cabin next to a nature reserve by the coast of Hälsingland.
There I can go in my own thoughts, love to photograph and rest my soul up there.
One morning as I strolled a little on the beach, there were a lot of feathers after seabirds laying around, I started picking up feathers and soon the pockets of my trousers were full.
It sounded so wonderful when the feathers fluttered as I walked and I began to fantasize how it would feel being a bird.
I also came to think of Indians, how I as a little girl used to play cowboy and indian, could I do something with all the feathers?
Maybe I could photograph the neighbors girls Lowisa & Linnea? I saw bodies and feathers, almost feeling obsessed, it’s a process, I am getting calm only after I’ve staged my ideas, when the photographs are taken.
I went over to the neighbors and told them about my thoughts about skin and feathers, what did they think?
The girls loved the idea, as well as their parents.
Linnea & Lowisa came to me and we where sewing through the feathers with fishing lines throughout the afternoon. Massive work but so so fun.
Behind my cabin is a small lake in the woods. There lives a swan couple and sometimes you meet moose there.
I usually go to the woods with my leica camera and film, its a magical beautiful old forest in the nature reserve.
We went down to the little lake in the evening light, the girls mother assisted me as I climbed on a ladder to get the right perspective.
They were amazing, imagine I made them lay down in the sea with such dirty and cold bottom.
Linnea, the smallest, hesitated but was urged by the big sister Lowisa.
When I was done wshooting they could not get up, they got stuck in the mud. When we started to help them, we fell to the knees ourselves, had to use tree branches to help and eventually they came up.
Perhaps I process memories of the time as a crime scene photographer, I do not know, but I think death can also  be beautiful in a way.
I made a Fine Art print on one of the pictures. It is now included in my exhibition that was on display at KarlabyKro in Österlen 2017.
The girl’s dad bought No. 1/9 and it is now hanging in their house.