Weddings can be expensive so sometimes people decide to opt out of some things, that can sometimes be a decision you regret afterwards. Sara and Jesper my neighbours up at my cabin had done just that when it came to their wedding two years ago, they hadn’t hired a photographer which resulted to them not having any proper pictures of their special day. So they asked me if I by any chance would be interested in taking some wedding portraits of them.
At my cabin you’re surrounded by this beautiful scenery, you have both the sea and the forrest, the colours, textures and shapes that are nature. By the sea you have cliffs, stone beaches the water and on a beautiful day like the day with Sara & Jesper you also have the sun casting it’s beautiful golden rays down over everything. The sun gives us the light that make the photos come out, you get depth and contrast, and as per usual I enjoy using using the sun as an extra element in my photos.
I also enjoy these type of assignments where it’s just me and the couple, having fun together and capturing different moments that represent their love for each other.