Helena and Mattias got married last saturday 2020-02-22 in stormy weather. I was totally chilled out after hours outside. As I write this I am sitting in my sun room with a blanket over my shoulders and a cup of hot tea, I got a cold. But as they say, everything for the art!

I had decided to take a picture at the entrance to Häringe Castle so I asked the driver to stop there on the way to the party. The portal is gorgeous, a nice contrast to the romantic setting. The couple’s two sons were in the limousine that took us between church and party, so handsome and cute guys. They had shiny shoes and corsages, just like dad. They photographed their newly married parents and asked them to kiss, over and over again. Mattias opened up a bottle of Champagne that they enjoyed during the drive, maybe that’s why they were so fun and adorable while shooting the portrait´s despite storms and rain, even I laughed tears as they joked with each other. Imagine what great moments I get to create, and preserve.

The limousine driver tok us to Körunda Hotel, where we were greeted with bon fires and even more Champagne and while the bridal couple hugged the guests I took the opportunity to hug Lotta the sweet owner of the hotel.

What a day it was!