Its funny how things turn out in my business, in 2014 Samira Lundqvist contacted me for her wedding. Later that same year I was contacted again by her but this time she asked me if I was interested of helping PACTA the company she works for with their new branding?

I would like to think that all my clients are proud of their wedding photos and want to show them for the world and in this case it was so. Samira had shown them at her company and her at the time CEO thought the photos were excellent and wanted to hire me to help them with their new branding.
My first mission was to attend at the PACTA Days 2014 at the Tele2 arena in Stockholm. My mission was to make their negotiators, board members and CEO to look like the professional stars that they where at work.

In 2015 I again attended the PACTA Days this time in Skåne in the southern of Sweden. There at a castle I had the same mission this time for their new staff of negotiators.
My latest mission was now in 2016 when they hired a new CEO and wanted the same professionalism that i delivered last time.PACTA has now rebranded their company with a new website and there you can se all my pictures.












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