One on one course

At the start of the year I got contacted by Kjelle Svensson in the hopes of me being able to help him become a better wedding photographer. Over the past years I’ve been asked to do these kind of courses and I’ve always been very hesitant and haven’t felt I’ve had anything to give. But this time something in me made me to say yes and I felt I might be able to give a helping hand.

So we decided to meet up a couple of times for a personalized one-on-one photography course. During our first day I wanted to get to know him as a photographer but also as a person. We spent some time chatting about life and what makes us do what we do and why we love love. Later on in the day we went outside and focused on details, we did that by taking some shots of flowers, jewelry and shoes. It was great being able to talk to Kjell and tell him how I like to think when I take these kind of shots.

Wedding photography is such an intimate moment and you really have to feel comfortable with what you do so the person on the other side of the lens relaxes. So for our second day we went out to Häringe Castle, where my new intern Melissa Daly and former intern Lars joined us to help. We worked a lot with portraits that day, getting close, working with natural light and getting the right angle. Later on we moved inside the castle where Kjell got the chance to experiment with shapes and depth and blending in to capture great shots.

To my surprise I truly enjoyed myself, this course was about getting back to basics and working from the heart. As a photographer I can’t say whats right or wrong but I was able to show him how I work and hopefully give him some help so he is able to grow and evolve as a photographer.


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