Stefan Pantzar called the other day, “Hi Kicki, my wife and I visited the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden already in November and saw your exhibition there. We fell in love with your photography “Kissing couple”, now we visit the hotel again and we would like to buy it”. Last Friday we met at the hotel. When I signed and wrapped the photography together with the certificate of authenticity, they asked me to tell the story about the motif (always fun to share inspiring stories with art buyers).

They promised to email a photo showing the painting in their home in Mölle. I look forward to it, always fun to see my photographs in their new homes. Actually, I want to keep everyone myself..even if there is a limited edition (9 in this size) every photograph is a loving work.

I also took a look at the exhibition upstairs, the caretakers replaced “Kissing couple” with a new motif, now “Shoe person” is opposite “Rebecka in the hotel entrance. Upstairs in the beautiful newly renovated library hangs motifs from the Biological Museum and Julius Kronberg’s Atelje. I talked briefly with a woman and the man there and they said it felt inspiring to work among the photographs. When I got home I celebrated with a glass of Champagne, looking out over the lake where I live and thought back on all the years as a photographer at the Stockholm County police-Crime scene unit, that my memories after the years there are visible in the photographs, and interesting that visitors see it.

The exhibition is extended until early spring 2020, warm welcome.