Erik & Oskar are two Swedish guys who lives in Sydney, Australia. They met on a Christmas weekend a few years ago when both where at a party in Stockholm city by night. Oskar has lived in Sydney for a few years and was just home to greet friends and family. Erik came to his parents at dawn that night and told him he had met the love of his life, but that meant that he had to move to the other side of the world. They are both very successful working with design and advertising in Sydney. They had decided to get married at home in Sweden, surrounded by their families and friends who flew in from different continents. I was delighted when they emailed and asked me if I could/would photograph their wedding.

I arrived early at the venue Krägga Herrgård that is beautifully located in the country side just outside Stockholm. I was grateful for getting close with my camera, which is crucial for getting intimate pictures. I found a photograph in the suite picturing four guys on stage dressed up in drag, Erik said to me; Today, two of the guys are getting married. After the wedding ceremony I took the boys out on the getty for some nice and relaxed portraits. At the dinner I captured moving speeches. It’s always nice to hear what friends and family has to say to / about the wedding couple. As the sun began to set, the sky was colored red, it was a dramatic sky above the Mansion, I got an impulse to photograph the guys on the beach, right now. but could I do it? The guests sat down and soon the main course was going to be served. I told Maria Bäckström (the head waitress) about my idea, and she said; It’s a long way to the beach, you probably won’t be able to make it, but maybe if you can drive the guys in our off road golf car – have you driven that before? I answered no, but I think I can do it. We practiced 2 minutes on the grass just outside and then Maria fetched the guys. They jumped up behind me, and then I went away with the wedding couple to the guests’ delight. It was a bumpy ride over lawns and hills all the way down to the beach. There the guys was hugging and kissing in the last sun rays, I was very happy and pleased to give them such beautiful memories, and a fun ride as well.

Once back at the venue, Eric’s father whispered in my ear; The wedding cake would soon be decorated with a 3D figure that represented the guys on stage dressed up as drag, so I photographed the cake decoration quickly before the cake was decorated and served. When the party started, it was time for me to drive back to Stockholm. I am thankful for wonderful assignments like this, they become precious memories that I will keep forever and ever in my heart. I use to think that when I’m no longer alive, my pictures are.

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erik & oskarerik & oskar