I was invited by EQT Ventures to a zoom meeting earlier this summer.
Then came to think of the viral clip “Im not a cat” but it went better for me and was a very nice meeting. There were four lovely representatives from the company who asked me to tell about my background, how I work, I mentioned a little about the years as a forensic photographer, about photography under a microscope and from a helicopter, at crime scenes.
I told him that nowadays I photograph for companies, weddings, exhibits and sells art photography.

I was hired 31 Aug-2 Sept, 40 people from 7 countries were to fly into Stockholm to finally meet at Högberga Gård, High Mountain Farm the working name these days), and it was over 2 years since they all met.
We all had to do a quick Antigen test before we gathered as a group. Dress code: Orange.
Hugs and laughter, they toasted with orange drinks, DJ was dressed in orange and played lounge music, I was also white & orange, so fun.

I got an email “Please could you take a photo of us all together on the first night (31 Aug) at the pre drinks.
We think this will be a photo to remember and treasure for years to come”. I climbed high up to get the sea as a backdrop.

Day 2 I photographed Team working session, after lunch (we got Wallenbergers ..) we were picked up with Ribboats for a trip in the Stockholm archipelago. I had to hold on tight to the camera, the boats made strong turns and jumps, all in 60 knots, I was grateful for my strong “running legs”..Lidingö – Grinda took just over 30 min, impressive. Once at the little island called Lökhomen, Prosecco and snacks were served.

Day 3 I came back for Gala dinner, wonderful party with beautiful table setting in the Gallery (2014 I had my first exhibition there) a saxophonist played, nice atmosphere and later in the evening was treated to a nice performance by a singer and her brother.

Eventation arranged with lights and sounds and performances, Puls made sure that the days were filled with just that and adventure.