The sun shone and shone from a light blue sky when I and my team arrived at Skansen and Tingsvallen early morning June 15th. Staff were on site and decorated our flower arches. I saw the priests take a groupie, one of the priests said he was kicking here all the way from his home in Örby, “1.5 hours with the scooter-no engine”. The musicians came and wanted me to photograph them, kisses, hugs and expectations in the air, my girls was getting ready. Cissi Hulphers is my “second shooter”, Amanda and Sylvia help the bride and groom with info and write photo agreements. The sea gulls sailed high over our heads, and the wedding ceremony started in 12 wedding tents. While I was photographing, I could hear the sound from champagne corks popping in the air, lovely. I asked some grooms to lift their brides up and spinn around, some were shy, others wanted to joke and show off, so nice. We went home in the evening with red burned skin and full memory cards, wonderfully satisfied and tired. Every one! gets married on Skansen, it is like a cross section through the community, like a big and lovely cake. Now there is time for editing and delivery of beautiful enlargements before some holiday. But first a few more classic weddings at castles and mansions, I love the contrast.

Photography is about being surprised and surprise, this has become one of my finest assignments.