Clara contacted me in spring 2017, she told me that she and her fiancé Ben got my contact from friends. They would marry July 1, 2017 in Rytterne Church in Västerås, and the party would be close to the church at Fiholm Fideikommiss. Some day before the wedding, their wedding coordinator calls and briefs me, among other things, I hear that the bride and groom will go from church to the wedding party in a yellow vintage VW cab, actually that is my private dream car, so I was very inspired and decided to photograph with my vintage leica and film to enhance the vintage feeling. I arrive as usual in good time, the owner of Fiholm comes and greet and I get a nice view of the private residence. Looking at the surroundings, thinking on how the light will be in the afternoon-evening, and eventually goes to the girls who are getting ready. Claras dress is hanging together with a pair of blue high heal shoes and a long veil, so beautiful. The bridesmaids have silver-colored dresses, perfectly picked out by Clara. When they are ready for departure, I take some quick portraits before going to the church that is close by, one of the bridesmaids is driving and Clara and the other girls are hugging and laughing in the backseat.

It is an emotional wedding in the presence of family and friends, nice music and moving speeches in both English and Swedish. When the bride couple comes out, all guests are prepared with rice in their hands. I and the bride and groom go to the little yellow car, Clara change shoes, Ben puts on his red Fez, he tells me that it’s his party hat, I jump up on the couch and off we go … Clara drives her father’s old car through a lush landscape, it smells of green grass and gasoline, lovely. During the car journey, Clara and Ben tells me about an old ruin, so we decide to stay there and take some pictures, then we go to Fiholm, where guests are eagerly waiting for the couple and to start the festivities. I was meant to leave after capturing the first speeches at the beginning of the dinner, but I’ve seen how popular Ben is of his friends so I decided to finish with a fun group photo in the evening light. Satisfied and a little tired and with full memory cards, I turned home to Stockholm.

After the wedding: Kristin, Hope you are doing well! Many thanks for all the pictures, you’ve really caught many ‘moments’, we’re happy. Have a wonderful end to summer. Warm greetings, Clara & Ben.