I got to know Caroline when she hired me for her wedding.
Yesterday I was invited to a private view in her new gallery Carling Dalenson on Sibyllegatan in Stockholm.
She opened with an exhibition by photographer Robert Mapplethorp.
Yesterday she told me a lot about Robert that I did not know before, so exciting.
I’ve always had a feeling he’s cold, but yesterday’s meeting with Caroline made me change my mind. The photographs are extremely strong and I see that those who are photographed by him feel confident. He is extremely brave and I feel inspired. Caroline emailed three links to movies about Robert`s pictures, I enjoyed them all last night.
The gallery has an elegant and intimate feel to it. It`s Caroline herself with her friendly and knowledgeable charisma who contributes to that feeling.
I got coffee in beautiful porcelain with pattern by Keith Haring.
We ended the visit by taking a selfie with Andy Warhol and Keith Haring in the background.
All of you who love photography as much as Caroline and I do should visit the Gallery.
The current exhibition will hang a little longer due to the situation right now.